Comparing Agile ORM with Slick

Comparing Agile ORM with Slick 3.1.0 (Scala)

Slick is a Functional Relational Mapping (FRM) library for Scala that makes it easy to work with relational databases. One of teh benefits of Slick is type-safety but it also makes it easier to create expressions.

Slick is a great library but I wanted to see how Agile ORM measures up. PHP has no type-safety, but all the other features of Slick seem to be working with Agile ORM also. I have only focused on the examples presented on SQL-to-Slick page.

Open Slick examples in a new window

Once open, compare sections with Agile ORM implementation in the following tabs.

Name Age Address Edit Delete
fff 87 Rostokas 8
ff 55 Rostokas 8
cx 12 Rostokas 8
sdfgsdf 30
sg fgsd
Infinity Loop
toto 10 Rostokas 8
Street City Edit Delete
Rostokas 8 Riga
Infinity Loop Cupertino
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This system is implemented using Agile Toolkit. See License