Employee Database Demos

This section of the "Sink" applictaion demonstrates how to access real-life data-base through Agile Toolkit. test_db is a public project containing a prety sizeable data-set for testing applications and data-bases containing about 300,000 employee records with about 2.8 mil. salary records. With such a data-set we focus on demonstating how to efficiently query this data.

You will need to configure your database and import the data before accessing any of the demos here.

1. Install Employee database on your local machine

Follow the link to test_db project then click "Download ZIP" button. Run "mysql < employees.sql" in your command-line from this new folder and if you have any problems, refer to test_db documentation. This will create "employees" database for you.

2. Configure SQL access

As per "admin/config-default.php" file your default access string is "mysql://root:root@". If you need to use a different MySQL username or password to connect, then create file "admin/config.php" with the following inside:


$config['dsn-employees'] = 'mysql://user:secret@';

Refresh this page and the warning on the top-rigtht corner should now dissapear.

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This system is implemented using Agile Toolkit. See License