Nested VirtualPage Demo

You can get the manual URL of a virtual page and use it as you wish
VirtualPage does not normally render, but you can add it into various views for som added effects. For example if you add $vp into a Button, you can use click() method. The second button will only respond if you move your mouse cursor directly over the icon

VirtualPage is also integrated into other views in Agile Toolkit. For example on() event uses Virtual Page for doing call-backs.

As the previous example(s) use custom events and custom selectors, we can now combine virtual page with grid
Id Name Surname Test1 Test2 Test3 Delete
0 Vinny Sihra
1 Zoe Shatwell
2 Darcy Wild

Virtual pages are used to create page within a page. Here you see a button, that opens a "virtual page" that does not have an URL of its own, but will be triggered by a view and will take over rendering, when the dialog is displayed.
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This system is implemented using Agile Toolkit. See License