Install Developer Tools

Web development is more fun and is more productive when you're using the best tools for the job. For Agile Toolkit 4.3+ we recommend you to install the "Development Sandbox" to work even more efficiently.

What benefits does it offer?

  • Stay up-to-date with a single click of button. No need to go into command-line.
  • Deploy your project into cloud with "Deploy" without any server configuration.
  • Access documentation, debugging and other tools of any widget on your page.
  • Easily locate templates, PHP sources and configuration for elements.
  • Browse through your Object Tree and inspect your project in real-time

Extras and extensions

  • Browse Agile Toolkit market and install add-on with with a mouse click.
  • "Test Suite" extension will help you design test-cases for your Agile project.
  • "Code Quality" extension will measure quality of your code, test-coverage.
  • "Database Migrator" lets you design, test and apply SQL database migrations.
  • "Theme Builder" is a UI to tweak the look and feel of your front-end or admin

"Development Sandbox" is a free extension to Agile Toolkit.

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This system is implemented using Agile Toolkit. See License